Volkswagen’s 4motion Technology

November 12th, 2019 by

What is 4Motion?

4Motion technology is Volkswagen’s proprietary All-Wheel Drive System that intelligently distributes power to individual wheels allowing them to maintain control on less than desirable road surfaces. It does so by anticipating slips in traction and distributing power to wheels that need it most. That way you can travel safely on wet and slippery surfaces, maintaining speed and traction often without the driver even noticing.

4Motion History

4Motion All-Wheel Drive System was initially derived from Audi Quattro technology utilized by world-famous racer Michelle Muton. Her rally car relied heavily on AWD to ensure maximum grip while accelerating and cornering on a variety of road surfaces. The system worked so well that Volkswagen later integrated a modified version in some of its most popular models such as the Touareg and Tiguan.

With that said, not only is 4Motion All-Wheel Drive useful in extreme racing and weather situations, it’s also great for everyday driving.

Now you can experience piece of mind like never before, knowing that your vehicle is in control and it can assess road conditions whatever they may be.

Which Models Currently Offer 4Motion Technology?
4Motion technology comes standard in the Golf R, Golf Alltrack and Arteon. Available in the Golf SportWagen, Tiguan and Atlas. By delivering power to the wheels in need of it most, your vehicle will experience better handling, better control, as well as increased safety on all road surfaces.

4Motion will help you with snow, ice, slush, mud, rain – you name it.

No matter what the weather, you’ll be covered.

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